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Our knowledge and experience, together with the many inquiries we have received about these hand guards,
lead us to the conclusion that the original hand protectors unfortunately don’t live up to their billing. The original protectors get a completely new, classy look combined with unequalled wind and weather protection. Hands and arms are perfectly protected and don’t get cold so quickly. The aerodynamically sculpted extension directs the airflow into controlled channels, largely bypassing the hands. An astonishing side-effect: reduced turbulence means that the fingers don’t get cold so quickly from below.

The facts:

  • Excellent wind and weather protection.
  • Built-in brake reservoir protection.
  • Fingers (and thumbs!), hands and forearms don’t get cold.
  • The protectors reduce turbulence behind them.
  • Relief from stress and smoother air stream on the arms.
  • Dynamic design (by Nicolas Petit).

Made of solid-coloured ABS plastic. The protectors are bolted to the original hand protection bar just like the
original protectors. Supplied as a complete set (left and right) including fitting kit.

Attention: Original hand protection bar is not included.

Color: black
Product type: Screens & Wind protection
5 Years Warranty 60 Days Return Made by Wunderlich Made in Germany
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