Aluminium bay cover kit - silver
Aluminium bay cover kit
Aluminium bay cover kit Aluminium bay cover kit

Aluminium bay cover kit - silver

Part No. 30980-001

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This is a must-have product for anyone with taste: It takes the bay cover to add the missing element to perfect the form of the CS.
Where the tank is normally to be found, the F 650 CS instead has a large recess. We have
come up with the good idea of making a high-quality, lockable cover to protect any valuables you may store
in the recess and to enhance the CS both visually and technically.

The Bay cover is made as a thermoformed ABS part using solid silver coloured ABS plastic, rounded
off with a high-tensile clear plastic coating. This technique eliminates the need for expensive painting and is
extremely robust. For added rigidity we have included an additional, honeycomb chamber reinforcement element.
The large, central and lockable zip fastener looks like a tank cover and can also easily be operated with
gloves on. With just a few deft movements of the hands the bike gains a harmonious overall appearance with the disappearance of the hole that so many CS riders find it hard to get used to.

If you want to use the bay cover without the original side rails, we offer a four-part anodised aluminium cap set that echoes the elliptical lines of the CS, covering the side rail screw fittings and giving you a perfect finish.

Bay cover and cap set can be fitted without any further alterations.