BAAS battery charger
BAAS battery charger
BAAS battery charger

BAAS battery charger

Part No. 23990-000

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Price: €39.90
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The cost-effective alternative from BAAS that leaves nothing out. A two-step automatic charger for lead (acid) and gel batteries. Fully insulated clamps for motorcycle and car batteries.

Thanks to the quick coupling, the device can be attached to the cigarette lighter or DIN socket (BMW socket)*. Battery protecting long-term connection through intelligent control of the charge retention process.

Can also be used on maintenance-free batteries. Charging is carried out up to a battery voltage of 13.9V - then it switches automatically into the trickle charge mode. Charging/retention is indicated by means of a two-colour LED display. Suitable for all original batteries.

We recommend the charging devices Optimate battery charger Part No. 20190-000.

Note: All electrical appliances come equipped with a German/European mains plug for 220/240 V.

Not suitable with Canbus !

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