Case protection pads Set of 4 parts

Case protection pads Set of 4 parts

Part No. 34340-000
Price: €29.90
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The object of purchase may not include potentially shown accessory parts.

These trapezoidal universal pads are glued on with an adhesive, heat-resistant film and will protect exposed areas of fairings, top boxes and especially panniers from scratches and other damage.

Designed for top and side cases, these can be applied to any surface of your bike that is susceptible to wear or damage. The pads are connected in pairs, but can be divided in the middle.

One set consists of two pairs (4 pieces).

The facts:

  • Self-adhesive
  • Highly effective protection
  • Divisible into single items
  • Size of pair: 67 x 85 mm
  • Size approx 67 x 30 mm per single
  • Temperature resistant material and adhesive
  • Will adhere to slightly curved surface

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