Cruise Control for original top yoke - black

Cruise Control for original top yoke - black

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The inexpensive and practical alternative to electronic speed regulation. Relaxed long distance tours are now possible and don’t involve pain in the wrist. The user friendly adjustment mechanism (simply rotate the adjustment wheel forwards) makes a continuous and individual locking of the gas handle possible.

The adjuster can be set so that the twist grip either slowly rolls back or remains at a fixed position.The speed can be precisely set for long riding stints. When not in use the CruiseControl is not noticed and the throttle returns to normal function. The entire adjustment mechanism is housed in the right handlebar end weight. By turning the adjustment wheel the CruiseControl applies pressure onto the twist grip. With the aluminium kit you can also add a shine to your vehicle’s appearance and save a lot of weight as well.

The facts:

  • The light weight kit (includes also the left handlebar weight end) is the perfect alternative to the original.
  • Anodised black
  • Blue adjustment wheel
  • Includes also the left handlebar weight end
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Customer Reviews

Great product Review by Lars
Product was easy to install, easy to use. Perfect on long rides to rest right hand and easy to adjust speed. Just perfect on the bike! (Posted on 12/08/2017)
Excellent article Review by Francesco
Assembled and tested immediately.
Totally recommended, easy to use, effective and accurate just like a BMW! (Posted on 16/06/2017)
Highly recommended Review by Jedi5150
I've had this model of throttle lock on three different bikes, and today or tomorrow will be buying my fourth. I've had one on a specific bike for 25,000 miles, so longevity of the product is top notch. I've used them on several 1,000+ miles days on more than one bike. They are a lifesaver on long trips. I've read that some people think they are counterintuitive compared to throttlemeister type locks. Wunderlich got it right. By rotating the lock the way you do, rolling off the throttle is the opposite of the direction friction is applied. This is a huge safety issue for emergency braking, and this throttle lock is perfectly designed from that standpoint. (Posted on 08/10/2012)
Does what it's supposed to Review by Brian W
I've had one of these on my R1200GS for over years and 100,000 miles. It does exactly what it's supposed to. For me, this is a must have on any new bike.Over time, the unit gets dirty and required cleaning with a little WD-40 but once that's done it's as good as new. Well worth the investment. (Posted on 08/09/2012)
excellent throttle lock. Review by Neal
I installed this last week and have used it on several ride. The install was clean. Directions straight forward. It looks cool and stock on the bike. Best of all it works exactly how it's supposed to. No problem turning it on with my right ring finger or pinkie finger. Great product. Can't comment on longevity but it was made very well. (Posted on 21/08/2012)
Nice addition Review by John Isgrigg III
This is a nice addition for super slab or long rides. I get to rest my throttle hand now. Installed in 5 minutes, no problems. (Posted on 05/06/2012)
Wunderlich Made it Right! Review by Josh Sieck
The installation of the throttle lock was a bit of a journey for me. There was a defect on the unit from the factory, yet I still rated it with five (5) stars. How is that possible you ask?I was able to contact customer service via email. I was able to include a few images uploaded from my phone. The representative was knowledgeable, courteous, professional, prompt, and helpful! He diagnosed the issue as a manufactures defect, sent me a return label, and withing a few days the replacement part was in my hand and installed on my R1200GS Adventure. Now that the throttle lock is installed, i have used it for my daily commute of over 90 miles (one way!). I am impressed by the quality, the fit, the finish, and the effectiveness of the unit.Exceptional work on the part of Wunderlisch to do everything to make my expereince "right". I tip my hat to the customer service team for setting the standard for customer service! (Posted on 24/04/2012)
Superb! Review by pukindog
Outstanding quality. Easy installation. Works great. Highly recommended. (Posted on 22/04/2012)
Throttle lock Review by James Garner
I looked at a lot of different options for some long distance relief on my 1200 GSA and just couldn't find the right thing for me. I bought a Wunderlich throttle lock and am extremely pleased. Not only are they very well made, but installation was a breeze. I took a 200 mile ride the other day and it worked perfectly! (Posted on 11/04/2012)
Love it! Review by Jeff Eisenbaum
Prior to buying, I read the other reviews on ADV and some people complained about it being hard to use or counter-intuitive in terms of the direction that it engages. I've also had the Throttlemeister and Kaoko. This one is actually the best of the three. It's totally easy to use. It's simple to engage with your pinky finger while maintaining steady throttle position with the rest of your hand. The machine work and action kick ass and it's way more streamlined than the Kaoko. Nice piece. (Posted on 09/11/2011)
Works well, easy to install Review by George Chandler
Takes a little while to get used to it (remember which way to turn it) but after a while it's second nature. you can set it so it's just a high friction instead of a lock.It's well made, easy to install. (Posted on 02/05/2011)
Blue? Review by Jeff Kampion
The blue anodized knurled adjustment knob clashes with my plaid golf pants; Otherwise perfect! (Posted on 16/04/2011)
Perfect Review by Jim Reynolds
I agree with Tom's assesment 100%. I've used several different "throttle locks" on many different bikes over the years (including the Throttlemeister on my R1100S). Piece of cake to install, straight forward to use. (Posted on 22/03/2011)
Simple, purely functional. Review by Tom Gregory
I've used other "throttle locks" on other bikes but this one is perfect for the GS. The knurled adjuster is easy to work with and the device quickly and cleanly holds the throttle in place. There are simply times when your right hand needs to come off the throttle for a moment and this is a significantly better option that holding the clutch in a coasting while adjusting a mirror, etc. It also, of course, takes the strain off your throttle hand during the tedium of cruising. A great device, well worth the money and it only takes (literally) two or three minutes to install. (Posted on 16/11/2010)

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