ERGO mirror extension

ERGO mirror extension

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Rear view mirrors are only useful if you can see in them something useful (such as traffic). In many cases what you see is your own shoulders, especially if wearing a warm winter jacket. We fix this shortcoming and place the mirrors in the correct position.

Over the years there have been various methods to overcome this nuisance - ours is to move the mirrors
outwards and slightly forward. A simple, very effective but still nice looking solution!

The precision machined extension pieces are nicely integrated into the design of the motorcycle and allow much better visibility to the rear and increased safety for the rider.

The facts:

  • CNC machined high quality aluminium alloy.
  • Anodised black.
  • Accurately fitted mirror offset to the front and side.
  • Quick and easy installation.
  • Supplied in a set of two.
  • Suitable for original or aftermarket mirrors.
  • ABE approved.
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Customer Reviews

Good Upgrade Review by Carmine
Worked well. Would have liked Factory style Torx screws. Otherwise a quality upgrade. (Posted on 29/04/2013)
Great looking, help! Review by Larry Banister
Went on easy, looks great, improves view to the real. A bit pricy! (Posted on 05/07/2012)
Real Safety Boon! Review by Ralph Meyer
I never did like looking at my elbows instead of being able to get a full view of the traffic to the rear and sides of the bike. These extenders do just that. I know what my riding jacket sleeves look like, but now without shifting, I can see the traffic to the right, to the left, AND behind me with these. A fine addition to the bike. And they look like regular OEM parts to boot nicely matching the bike parts. (Posted on 27/10/2011)
Not Cheap Review by Jimmy
I purchased the Wunderlich Mirror Extender Set for my 2010 BMW F800ST. I was tired of shifting my riding position in order to see what was going on behind me. I installed the mirror extender set in about 15 minutes and the improvement in rear-ward visibility has been VERY much appreciated from my first ride onwards. I'm no longer looking at my arms and shoulders in the mirrors. This set has adjusted my RV mirrors so that I have an unobstructed view of what is going on behind me (so very important). These parts are not cheap in terms of price or quality. Very well made, but rather expensive. That said, you can't really put a price on the improved safety you will gain from increased rear-ward visiblity. Highly recommended. (Posted on 16/09/2011)
A must have Review by Sergio TV
elegant solution and very easy to install (Posted on 26/10/2010)

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