ERGO seat low - low

ERGO seat low - low

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Ergonomics, comfort and absolute suitability for long journeys - what you might expect of a BMW.
Ergo Comfort Seats give a sense of being at one with the bike and provide long, pain-free riding pleasures - until the tank is, unfortunately, empty.

The big problem of many mass-produced seats is the flat shape which puts a great deal of strain on the coccyx (lower back) and thus leads to severe pain. We counter this with an extremely complex foam core, made by hand (cannot be produced industrially in this quality).

We have developed a very wide range for the F models that will meet any needs. We have extensively tested and adjusted models suitable for any size and rider type, in order to find the perfect seat comfort.

The facts:

  • Distinctly shaped (concaved) seating area.
  • Reduced pressure on the lower back and optimal distribution of weight over the whole posterior.
  • Progressive two-layer design with soft outer layer and solid core ensures even distribution of force and prevents pressure
  • Anti-perspirant, non-slip cover material.
  • Seams are glued and welded for 100% sealing.
  • Uncompromising suitability for long-distance touring.
  • Available in various heights.
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Customer Reviews

Seat height on Dakar is now perfect with Ergo Seat Low! Review by KK
I bought the Ergo Seat Low for an F650 GS Dakar. With the stock seat on the Dakar I could touch the ground, but only with the VERY tips of my toes. I could not get the bike off the side stand with the stock seat. The Ergo Seat Low has given me the extra few inches I needed to get the balls of my feet on the ground, and I can get the bike off the side stand now with no problem. I am 5' 8" tall with a 31" inseam. (Posted on 08/11/2012)

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