Foot protector - silver

Foot protector - silver

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It’s above all around the feet that the RT fairing offers too little protection. The result is that the feet quickly get cold, and there’s nothing to stop water (especially that thrown up by the front wheel) getting into the rider’s footwear.

The meticulous design of these components ensures protection for the feet from all adversity, in spite of their diminutive size. The design borrows heavily from existing elements and accentuates the curve of the footrest base plate (it simply looks good).

Easy to mount using one of the existing fairing threads (elongated stainless steel bolts and U washers are included) and doublesided tape (removable). Indestructible ABS plastic. High-gloss solid silver-coloured ABS plastic (scratches can easily be polished out).

Complete set.

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Customer Reviews

1150RT Foot Protector Review by Mark R. Reed
Purchased a set a while back and they have payed for themselve in the way of protection & appearance. In the most recent situation, they actually took the brunt of having to lay the bike down in a freak accident. The only issue damaged was the foot protector, no other panels were damaged. Well worth the money in appearance and protection. Now I need to order a replacement for the left side??? (Posted on 23/07/2012)

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