Heat protection left R1200GS - black
Heat protection left R1200GS
Heat protection left R1200GS

Heat protection left R1200GS - black

Part No. 43951-102

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Heat protection

This sensible heat protection is the ideal “gap filler” between the driver footrest and the passenger footrest intake. This exposed opening allows in any amount of dirt and water directly to the left shin bone when going over wet surfaces. Our effective cover closes this gap and thus reliably protects the bone and a large part of the left GS side. In addition, the heat protection covers the exposed seated sound flap mechanism.

The facts:

  • Simple assembly
  • High-quality, ultra-lightweight ABS plastic.
  • Scratch-resistant and very stable.
  • Protection against dirt, moisture, and heat.
  • Effective protection of the sound flap mechanism.
  • Manual
  • Sound
  • Test