Lexan replacement screen - standard - smoked grey
Lexan replacement screen
Lexan replacement screen Lexan replacement screen

Lexan replacement screen - standard - smoked grey

Part No. 30430-012

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After some years have elapsed the original screens tend to look pretty awful. The optical purity and screen transparency characteristics, not great to start with are, due to a lack of UV resistance, further dulled by exposure to the sun until they exceed the limits of the acceptable. The lack of resistance to scratching and the brittleness of the material also serve to accelerate the aging process.

This is particularly annoying for the large tourers, as wind protection has to be sacrificed to enable the rider to see clearly. An unsatisfactory yet necessary compromise which often also represents a safety hazard. For lovers of the original look we have developed screens which are very close to the originals in terms of appearance, but which guarantee optimum screen transparency, shine and scratch resistance over a long period of time (in our experience more than 15 years).

As is the case with our Komfort and ERGO screens we place our trust in a very elaborate and, as far as quality is concerned, unbeatable manufacturing procedure that delivers supremely high levels of optical purity, absolute resistance to UV light and petrol, and allows us to produce screens that are more than 5 mm thick. So you can say goodbye to those hairline cracks at the mounting holes that have always arisen as a result of heavy load and/or age-related material fatigue.

The facts:

  • Crystal-clear optical purity.
  • Highly stable form.
  • Shatterproof.
  • Scratch resistant.
  • Lower levels of inherent vibration.
  • Even when fully extended there are no streaks or optical distortions.
  • Optimal vision in all situations.
  • Huge safety plus. 
  • 5 mm-thick Lexan plastic. 
  • Clear, polished and rounded edge, meaning that there is no need for edge protectors or reinforcement.
  • With TÜV certificate.