ÖHLINS Premium suspension rear
ÖHLINS Premium suspension rear
ÖHLINS Premium suspension rear

ÖHLINS Premium suspension rear

Part No. 21920-000

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The premium suspension for the BMW motorcycle range. They are extremely durable and perfectly matched to the models.
The large adjustment range allows the suspension to be dialled in perfectly for any road condition.

The facts:

  • Floating piston damper in the “De Carbon” construction m
  • No warm-up time required.
  • Absolutely stable damper characteristics.
  • Very low sticktion, sensitive response
  • 25 damping adjustment “clicks”
  • Continuous or hydraulic pre-load adjustment.
  • Hardened spring.
  • Teflon bushing on damper rods.
  • Wear-free joint bearing.
  • Perfect finish. Yellow springs.
  • Always reparable.
  • ABE approved.

All ÖHLINS shocks are based on the “de Carbon” principle. That means oil is put under pressure by gas , whereby the gas is separated from the oil by means of a floating piston. This principle has many advantages. The problem of cavitation is effectively prevented. In
addition, it ensures improved cooling and thus constant damping, irrespective of the working temperature of the damper.

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