Oil cooler grills - silver

Oil cooler grills - silver

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The oil cooler is positioned in exactly the place required by air flow, although a consequence of this is that dirt converges on it from all angles.

Stone chips, dead flies and other detritus accumulate in its fine ribbing. Cleaning it is very difficult and requires a lot of manual work. The fine-mesh stainless steel cooler protection grill provides effective protection for the cooler and ensures optimal long-term cooling air flow.

It’s also an optical highlight: the black cooler surfaces disappear and the cooler aperture itself is emphasized to impressive effect.

The facts:

  • Best protection and best appearance.
  • Keeps all destructive particles away from the cooler.
  • Strong stainless steel mesh bonded to an anodised aluminium or thermoformed ABS plastic frame (depending on bike model).
  • Anti-vibration mounting points.
  • Strong high pressure bonding between mesh and frame.
  • Easy to fit.
  • Complete with fitting material required.

Tip: Flies etc. that have collected can be easily removed with a wet cloth. Lay the cloth on the mesh for approx.
30 minutes, so the dirt soaks up the moisture and can then be removed easily. Easy to fit. Detailed instructions
are included.

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Customer Reviews

Good looking, not easy to instal Review by Antonio I
I end up removing the whole beak and mounted the guard into the beak, and then reinstaling everything. I put a small BMW logo in front of the guard and it looks great. (Posted on 23/11/2012)
Clean the beak and guard with wax and grease remover ( prepsol )Attach double sided automotive tape to the guard covering the hole in the guard at the top and all the way around the bottom to the other hole ( basically the top has no tape ).Loosen the two nuts underneath just enough to be able to move the flap to allow the guard to be put in ( like in the video.Remove the backing for the tape to expose the tape covering the holes on both sides and install the guard, fold down into position and remove the backing for the tape....job done.Clean up whole area with wax and grease remover and allow a few hours for the tape to set if you can.I took pics and it's ok for my email to be given out I will email my photos. (Posted on 20/10/2012)

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