Protection bar protector set (left + right) - silver

Protection bar protector set (left + right) - silver

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The intelligent protection system for Wunderlich protection bars. Protection (crash) bars are intended to prevent
damage, but even a slight fall is enough to give the crash bar itself a defect, as is the case for all crash bars on the market. As there is no paint or coating that is resistant enough, we offer this exchangeable scratch protection
for our crash bars.

This is exclusive world-wide and to date not used for any other crash bar. A thick walled plastic protector that can survive even a minor crash. It can even whip crash bars that have already been scratched back into shape. The crash bar then looks like new and has the best preventative protection against any further defects.

We do recommend, however, that the protector is mounted before any scratches by way of precaution (to protect the rust-retardant coating).

Quality: the high moulding costs and quality concerns prevent large-scale production as an injection moulding part.

The protectors are therefore individually thermoformed from silver ABS plastic and trimmed on 3D milling machines. An elaborate procedure, but this is the only way for them to be so extremely resistant to impacts. Scratches can be easily polished away. Visually, the gleaming metallic-silver colouring suits our crash bars perfectly.

Includes special double sided attachment pads for easy installation.

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