Quick-bi-lock II - white
Quick-bi-lock II
Quick-bi-lock II Quick-bi-lock II

Quick-bi-lock II - white

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Now there is no longer any problem when disconnecting the fuel lines. These fuel couplings seal on both sides
to prevent leakage in either direction (there is a sealing mechanism in both parts).

This new black design has a smoother inner surface which protects the O-ring. And if the O-ring should get damaged, there is a reasonably priced replacement. As there are no fuel taps, this is a sensible improvement that makes repairs and aintenance work cleaner and more pleasant.

Fits all fuel lines and 8 mm hoses. Resistant to acids, oil and petrol, of course. OEM quality.

Note: Sold in either black or white colour versions

Coupling Set (male + female)

  • Manual
  • Sound
  • Test