Scottoiler vSystem
Scottoiler vSystem
Scottoiler vSystem Scottoiler vSystem Scottoiler vSystem Scottoiler vSystem

Scottoiler vSystem

Part No. 29390-100

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The Scottoiler vSystem is a vacuum controlled chain oiler which lubricates the chain fully automatic during the ride. The chain and the sprocket last up to seven times longer, the chain efficiency is increased and the fuel consumption is reduced. The chain maintenance is fully taken over and the re-stress intervals are prolonged: that means saving time, money and bugs.

Scope of delivery:
The kit includes a 250 ml bottle of standard Scottoil which is suitable for average ambient temperature between 0-30°C, enough for about 12.500 km.

The system is connected with the vehicle vacuum and works only when the engine is running. 1-2 oil drops per minute are emitted from the oil reservoir, depending on the drip rate adjustment. The oil is flowing trough the transport hose to the injector, which dispenses it on the chain wheel. The centrifugal force drives oil into the chain. Both chain sides are supplied with oil through the capillary function. Oil lubrication prevents dirt particles from adhering.

The Scottoiler kit preserves the chain efficiency, keeps it clean and flexible. The chain wear is considerably reduced, cleaning and lubricating are no more necessary. The system doesn’t reduce any performance, doesn’t affect the engine or electronics and is wear free. The Scottoiler is the end for scruffy chains and sticky hands..

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