Sintered metal brake pads front
  • Sintered metal brake pads front

Sintered metal brake pads front

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Sintered metal brake pads front

One of the best brake pads on the market. For years we have been successfully emphasising TRW Lucas quality "Made in Germany". We're happy to be able to share our positive experiences with more and more BMW riders. Not only that, but the price/performance ratio is pretty much unbeatable.

TRW Lucas advantages:

  • Ceramic underlayer for optimum thermal decoupling between the pad and brake calliper.
  • Precisely determined groove on the brake pad for removal of dirt and water.
  • Environmentally friendly manufacture (no asbestos, cadmium, lead or formaldehyde).
  • High durability.
  • Can be used on all brake disks.
  • Special pad for the rear wheel (no overbraking).
  • With ABE.

Sintered metal pad

The best pad for the best motorcyclists. These pads are our hottest recommendation for the 4V Boxer since they also exceed the greatest brake requirements.

The facts:

  • All TRW Lucas advantages.
  • Fully metallic brake mix.
  • Very high friction value.
  • Only requires minimal return time.
  • Outstanding brake performance even in wet conditions.
  • Very high lifespan.

Sold as a set for one disk.

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