StompGrip knee pads - clear

StompGrip knee pads - clear

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With StompGrip knee pads, the rider has a significantly improved foothold on the vehicle, so that less force is applied to the hands, arms and joints. This conserves energy and means significantly longer endurance.

The facts:

  • Almost all racing teams in the Superbike World Championship, MotoGP, IDM, etc. use StompGrip.
  • More vigorous contact between the rider and motorcycle.
  • Transference of forces (rider weight) via the lower body (thighs), which means significantly less upper body support is needed. Lasting strain relief for the hands, arms and joints.
  • Cushions forces, improves endurance and enhances passive.
  • Beneficial shift of emphasis when braking.
  • Improved vehicle handling and control.
  • Perfect foothold when racing, especially during hang-offs .
  • Aggressive, non-slip Vulkano burling design.
  • Contour and design individually developed for each vehicle.
  • Clear elastomer plastic for maintaining the vehicle design | colour.
  • Gentle on leather | canvas = no wear to the instrument panel.
  • Self-adhesive with high-strength 3M adhesive film. Does not corrode the finish and allows for simple, residue-free removal | replacement of the StompGrips .
  • Lightweight.
  • Made in USA and recommended by CALIFORNIA SUPERBIKE SCHOOL .

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