Theft proof bolt set - silver
Theft proof bolt set
Theft proof bolt set Theft proof bolt set

Theft proof bolt set - silver

Part No. 27470-001

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The tank side covers of the GS almost invite to do some mischief.
Unfortunately, ignorant thieves would probably rip the inner quick release-mount. We have invented a tamper proof set, which simply replaces the original fasteners and can now only be opened with the special key supplied. Our fasteners have a very flat triangular shaped recess, which will be hard to crack by somebody.

The added bezel will rotate in case someone tries to open them with pliers. So that it makes it harder to tamper with and even gives a rise for enhancing the design. They fit just as the original in the existing recesses and can be replaced in a minute. Absolute corrosion resistant and high-strength fasteners with aluminium washers anodised in silver or blue. The set consists of a full set for both sides including the special key.