Vario handlebar riser - 25mm - silver

Vario handlebar riser - 25mm - silver

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The factory spec RT is delivered with a sporty sitting position that inclines toward the handlebar. Anyone who does not like sitting bent over will find here the ergonomic symbiosis of the perfect touring posture with  relaxing long-distance travel sitting position. A hardly visible change with a big impact.

The facts:

  • 25 mm height increase (easily moved towards the rider).
  • Improved handling.
  • More immediate feel for the ride.
  • Relaxed upright sitting position.
  • More mobility.
  • Individually machined of solid Dural aluminium.
  • Anodised silver.
  • Complete with set of bolts.
  • ABE approved.

Touring becomes a pleasure, and even far-flung destinations can comfortably be reached. The RT lies low with the handlebar ideally at hand for enjoyable cruising. The more upright posture corresponds more favourably with rider height and the RT’s imposing look.

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Customer Reviews

bar riser Review by ROGER N BAKER
The risers fit perfectly and do allow a more comfortable riding position. Also leaves more room for tank bag. (Posted on 04/04/2013)
Ergo Bars Review by Gene Huegin
These arrived quickly and were a breeze to install. Excellent quality and just as described. (Posted on 22/12/2012)
Review for Ergo 25 mm Bar Riser set Review by Keith Callahan
I am very satisfied with my purchase of this riser set. They have added to my riding enjoyment. (Posted on 21/09/2012)
A perfect solution for my short arms! Review by Ron Butchart
The risers arrived in a very timely fashion. I was able to install them in less than an hour. Do take care with the right hand one that someone keep the brake master cylinder up right or you are likely to spill brake fluid everwhere.The risers have made the riding position much more comfortable and eased some of the strain from leaning forward; tennis elbow and sore right shoulder are beginning to abate.These units also look great! If you didn't know that they had been installed aftermarket you might not notice them at all. The fit and finish are excellent. (Posted on 01/07/2012)

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