Wunderlich Case protection bar - black

Wunderlich Case protection bar - black

Part No. 35520-002
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The saddlebag protection bars are the ideal complement to our engine protection bars, but they can also be installed without them. They optically integrate to the bike and offer outstanding protection for the rear of the heavy K1600. If your bike were to tip over, the protruding saddlebags would surely suffer some damage. These bars effectively protect the saddlebags against such damage. Also when maneuvering in tight spaces, the bars can protect your bike from scratches and other damage.

Each saddlebag protection bar attaches to the bike at three points so that in case of a fall, the impact is spread over all points and the energy is absorbed. Ground clearance and cornering clearance is not compromised. Available chrome plated or powder coated silver/black.

The facts:

  • Protects the saddlebags from side impacts and damage in a tip over
  • Fits K1600 GT and GTL
  • Three attachment points, each bar
  • Complexly shaped round tubing
  • Also provides a nice hand hold for the passenger
  • Additionally serves as a lifting and tie down point
  • Available in chrome or black
  • Supplied complete with all needed hardware and instructions
  • No modifications to the bike required
  • Made in Germany

Customer Reviews

Back saver. Review by Walt Grunenberg
Here is just another part I purchasted from you guys. This really takes the strain out of lifting this machine on its center stand. This has always made me nervous thinking you know which way it would go and still with your hands on it! (Posted on 10/10/2012)
Wunderlich is Wonderful Review by Herb Belin
I purchased Fender, Bags and Engine Guards for my K1600 and installed them with out a problem. The bad news is the are expensive! The good news is that you get what you pay for. The instaltion was a cinch. Their fit was spot on and they look like they came on the bike when it left the BMW factory. Probably one of the nicest well thought out accessories that I have ever purchased. A outfit that I highly recomend.. Herb Belin (Posted on 13/09/2012)
Worth the money Review by Dave Golden
I've tested them with two 0-mph drops - they work. Also see my review of the engine bars. Buy the front and back sets - they are worth it. (Posted on 28/08/2012)
Great protection for side cases. Review by Matt Hill
I started installing these bar protectors before the engine bars as I thought these would be easier. It took me a little while to figure out the side tupperware above the mounting position needs to be removed (and later re-installed) to install these bars. This wasn't mentioned in the instructions. These bars look good (black on a red GT) and office some much needed protection to side cases in the event of a lay down. (Posted on 09/07/2012)
Case Protection Bars for K1600GTL Review by Edwards Schwentker
The GTL is a heavy bike. The bars are a great help in getting the bike up on the center stand. The flat black bars I chose fit well with the GTL's appearance, and when the inevitable tip-over occurs the bars help getting this monster back upright. Yes, the inevitable occurred with me. The only damage was a scratch on the lower corner of the right-side bar repaired with a little touch-up paint. The expensive case was left untouched. (Posted on 16/04/2012)

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