Adjustable gear lever - plata
Adjustable gear lever
Adjustable gear lever Adjustable gear lever Adjustable gear lever Adjustable gear lever

Adjustable gear lever - plata

N°de referencia. 40200-001
Precio: € 119,90
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Here is a shift lever that is adjustable to suit all conditions, with additional advantages. The CleverLever can be adjusted for length (110 - 140 mm) , and together with the height adjustment allows any rider to find the best set up, whatever size boots are used. Missing gears because of bad shifts (and possible damage) are things of the past as the lever features a roller bearing tip for smooth shifting action.

To reduce the chance of damage in case of a fall, especially when off-road riding, the CleverLever offers double protection: An included, strong safety wire prevents branches getting wedged behind the lever (could cause the gear shaft to bend), and the spring loaded tip will fold back.

This could again prevent damage to the gear shaft or breakage of the lever, which could cause serious disruption to any journey, not to speak of the cost of repairs…

The strengthened splines and folding mechanism made of Stainless Steel ensure a reliable product that will last many years.

The facts:

  • Stepless length adjustment (110 - 140 mm).
  • Smooth gear change due to roller bearing mounted tip.
  • Spring loaded folding tip.
  • Safety wire prevents branches getting wedged behind lever. (Yamaha Super Tenere)
  • Lightweight but strong construction.

Please be sure to apply a few drops of thread locking fluid to the adjustment screws to ensure that they do not loosen and fall out. This is available under the Related Products tab.