Tija WRA Wunderlich - azul
Tija WRA Wunderlich
Tija WRA Wunderlich Tija WRA Wunderlich

Tija WRA Wunderlich - azul

N°de referencia. 29090-001

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Soon available again
Precio: € 499,00
Incl. 19% IVA, Excl. gastos de envío

El objeto de compra no puede incluir todas la piezas y accesorios que se muestran en la imagen.

The GS is guided basically only from the lower, undersized fork bridge and the wheel axle. The remaining elements are floating.

We clamp the tubes with a high-strength yoke, milled from solid material, which provides significantly improved front wheel control and also more space between front  wheel and fender. Now the GS takes corners like on rails and is now also grown to high stresses.

The steering is much more precise, the rider gets a proper steering feedback and previously felt “weaving” motions (especially with a heavy load) are a thing of the past.

For original front wheel or 17” conversion. Thanks to the height adjustment feature also suitable for future retrofitting to 21”.
The clamp is supplied with a complete fitting kit including brake lines.

TÜV approved.

Rally Fjordland Tested