Wunderlich Protection de klaxon

Wunderlich Protection de klaxon

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Wunderlich Protection de klaxon. Une petite pièce à l’effet apaisant. Empêche le déclenchement accidentel du klaxon en cas de braquage. Peu importe avec quelle sacoche de réservoir vous roulez, un braquage brutal est suivi de cet inconvénient. Souvent le klaxon se met involontairement en marche, ce qui surprend les passants.Tout ceci est bien fini. Facile et rapide à monter, la protection empêche le déclenchement involontaire du klaxon,quelle que soit la vitesse à laquelle vous roulez.

Caractéristiques :

  • protection contre le déclenchement involontaire du klaxon,
  • conception stable,
  • montage simple.

R 1200 GS + Adventure (tous les modèles)

Veuillez respecter les caractéristiques de votre véhicule.

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Commentaires des clients

2009 BMW R1200GSA Review by gsajockey
This is a simple item that works to perfection though enclosed hardware could be improved. (Posté le 05/06/13)
Fit my '10 R12GSA perfectly Review by Peter Burke
I was reluctant to buy after reading Michael's review but Wunderlich has a very good return policy so I gave it a try. I think the trouble he might have had was the front bolt is recessed on the bottom so it appears it's not long enough to reach the bottom of the horn guard. But they supply a threaded spacer that fills that gap. I had no problems at all installing this, and since I have a very loud Stebel horn it will be nice not accidentally scaring tourists out of their knickers. (Posté le 25/12/12)
Recommended! Review by Emoto
Wish I had seen this item sooner. If you use a tank bag that is big enough to hold anything, you have accidentally honked your horn when backing out of a parking space and turning as you back out. This little gizmo stops that embarrassing moment. Another excellent product. (Posté le 19/07/12)
BMW Should have thought of it! Review by Dan Diener
Simple part. Simple to install. It has already saved me several crimson faces this riding season. I am glad I bought it! (Posté le 01/05/12)
Love it. Review by John Kaltenbach
I was tired of my horn button hitting my tank bag. I about jumped out of my skin in my garage a few times turning around, not to mention the embarrassment of honking around cars in town, or behind another motorcycle on a curvy mountain road.As always with Wunderlich, the part is very well thought out, high quality, the instructions are easy to understand, and it is easy to install with all the required parts included. Highly recommend! (Posté le 23/11/11)

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