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Wunderlich's »EXTREME« valve cover & cylinder protectors for all BMW 1250 ShiftCam Boxers

The cylinders on a Boxer BMW are exposed. Stone strikes, falls on terrain or when scraping a plastered wall as you manoeuvre in tight spaces make it easy to scratch the valve cover. Things can get a lot a worse with mishaps on the road or over terrain.

Various protection bar systems provide protection against the consequences. Or our new »EXTREME« valve cover & cylinder protectors, which we have developed for the R 1250 ShiftCam Boxers. These use an innovative hybrid material from Wunderlich.

Wunderlich CEO Frank Hoffmann: »We wanted to create a cylinder protection system that was intended to be light and at the same time offer extremely high potential for protection. At Wunderlich, we focus first and foremost on uncomplicated assembly of the components for our customers. But sticking the protectors onto the valve covers was out of the question for us since the components can't be removed from the engine without leaving residue behind. That's why our protectors simply screw on. The whole process takes just a few minutes. And they're just as easy to remove again. Another plus is that they can simply stay on the bike during an inspection – there's no need to remove them, so you save time and money. When it comes to the choice of material, we rely on a material called Wunderlich Innovative Hybrid Bonding. This is a fibre-reinforced, impact-resistant and tough plastic that is also characterised by its impressive abrasion resistance. On the inside which faces the valve cover, we have constructively integrated segments with an elastic material that is resistant to high temperatures. These elastomer segments are designed to be impact-absorbing in terms of their Shore hardness. They absorb the load spikes in addition to the screw connections for the protectors and ensure that these are evenly distributed. At the same time, they provide an exceptionally precise, tight clearance between the valve cover and protector. The whole thing is enhanced by a stainless steel insert. After completing the component testing in our development department, we were so firmly convinced of our concept that we wanted to prove the system's effectiveness by testing it under real conditions. You can see the impressive and captivating result of our test ride at high country road speeds on the premises of the Riding Safety Centre at the Nürburgring on YouTube

We have therefore developed an independent protective component that sets new benchmarks in terms of the material selected and its high protective potential. On the 1250s ShiftCam engines there's also the issue that the construction of the ShiftCam mechanism is extremely elaborate. Since the valve covers are mounted solely using force locking, there is a risk that the valve cover can be displaced relative to the cylinder head after a violent impact and the elaborate valve drive can be pulled along with it in certain instances. This is why the additional protection of the valve cover is of particular importance with ShiftCam engines.

Hoffmann: »The fundamental purpose of our protective components, such as our engine and tank bars, our valve cover and cylinder protectors or our axle protection pads, is to protect the motorcycle as effectively as possible. That means they should ensure you can carry on with your ride. Added to this, the components should avoid any damage and the associated costs, or at least minimise them. The forces and momentum – which are occasionally significant – generated during an accident primarily impact the protective components mounted on the vehicle's weak points, elastically or plastically deforming them or wearing down the material. This is easy to see on the protector, which we used on the test ride during the testing phase. Our protector protected the valve cover and cylinder head very efficiently, and visibly fulfilled the two basic requirements: the valve cover and engine remained undamaged and the rider was able to carry on with their ride after the crash. The only issue was some superficial damage to the original spark plug extensor. After swapping out the left protector, the R 1250 used here looks as good as new.«

Since at Wunderlich we work sustainably and with a focus on the customer, in this instance our customer can order the left protector as a separate spare part since the one on the right is fully intact and undamaged. This saves our customers money and allows us to spare resources.

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