The endurance professional

Wunderlich managing director Frank Hoffmann will be celebrating 10 years of being with the company on 1st March 2021

On 1st March 2021, Frank Hoffmann will be celebrating 10 years of being with our company. Frank has been our managing director alongside company owner and founder Erich Wunderlich since 2015.

This success is no surprise, as Frank Hoffmann “lived” motorcycles heart and soul for a long time before his time at Wunderlich. In general, a distinction is made between professional motorcycle technicians and gifted motorcycle riders. The first are dedicated to a fascination with technology and fully exhaust its possibilities in order to constantly advance it; for the second, riding a motorcycle is their vocation. And they, too, test the limits. What the two have in common is that they both employ instinct and anticipation to stretch what’s possible on a constant basis, because this is the only way to make progress. Both of these talents are combined in the best way in Frank Hoffmann – including beyond the motorcycle.

Frank Hoffmann joined the company on 1st March 2011 equipped with this “basic configuration” of characteristics and initially dedicated himself to product development and the construction of the company’s own dynamometer. In due course, Erich Wunderlich handed over the management of general development as well as the workshops to Frank. Frank Hoffmann was able to do two things here: incorporate his experience and collect further valuable experience. And provide new impetus, too. With the continuous penetration and consistent adjustment and advancement of company processes, he assumed additional responsibility within management. Owing to the successful development of the business and his superb technological expertise, Frank Hoffmann became an authorised representative at the end of 2013 and was appointed managing director by Erich Wunderlich on 3rd February 2015.

Erich Wunderlich and Frank Hoffmann are the perfect complement to one another. Not only does this strengthen and solidify mutual trust in business terms, but also at a personal level. In addition to the remarkable company development, in the past 10 years they have driven the company’s international focus and expanded the value and charisma of the brand around the world. This productive work took visible form in our new corporate headquarters at the Rheinland Innovation Park in Grafschaft-Ringen, which we moved to in 2019. Here, the company that Erich Wunderlich founded in his garage over 35 years ago offers a secure workspace to almost 100 highly qualified employees. The fact that our thinking is focused on being multidimensional and always with the customer in mind is demonstrated, for example, by our active Wunderlich BLAU sustainability initiative. This means the company’s development has been heading in just one direction for 35 years: towards solid, healthy growth characterised by technical and corporate innovations.

Erich Wunderlich: “As managing director, Frank always reminds me of the endurance professional buried deep within him. Especially after 10 years of working together. Just as with endurance racing, his outstanding qualities include courage, resolve, tenacity, mental fortitude and a perpetually sharpened gaze, that feeling, the 7th sense for potential. Yet they also include clever consideration, because he doesn’t just focus on the next bend, but always keeps his sights set firmly on the goal. I thank Frank for our trusting partnership and his numerous services for Wunderlich, and I look forward to continuing down this road together!”

In addition to his appointment at Wunderlich, Frank Hoffmann provides consultancy for big-name teams in the EWC (Endurance World Championship) to this day.

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