Small batches. Made by hand.

In the tension field of international markets and manual production

Since Erich Wunderlich founded the company, everything for us here has revolved around high-quality motorcycle components. As a passionate motorcyclist, he always had a keen sense for the rider's concerns. From the start he ascribed to innovation, quality, ergonomics, comfort, all-round protection and safety. Admittedly, none of this has changed to this day. And above all stands the maximum riding pleasure that the high-quality, functionally elaborate and well-thought out Wunderlich products offer. Doing away with the superfluous, no frills, not breaking under normal conditions.

We operate in a field of tension where, on the one hand, we are recognised and perceived around the world as a specialist in high-quality BMW accessory components, but our products aren't mass-produced goods - completely the opposite! They're made by hand in small batches.

The Wunderlich engine protection.
The Wunderlich engine protection.
Developed for the most extreme uses - the Wunderlich engine protection.
First we have the technical drawing
Mounting the sheet metal made of high solidity aluminium on the table in the laser cutting centre
Scanning the CAD data into the laser cutting centre - optimum use of the aluminium sheet with minimal waste

The proportion of self-developed Wunderlich products in our portfolio increases year on year. There are good reasons for this: There's nothing else like them. Wunderlich products are products that we develop and test ourselves and then manufacture according to our high quality specifications in collaboration with selected manufacturers that we've already been working with reliably for many years. Specialists like us. These are mechanic workshops, welding businesses, plastic processing firms and saddlers, just to name a few examples. Craft workshops or medium-sized companies, mostly from the region, from Westerwald, Eifel or Rheinland. These are frequently specialists in Europe if there are no regional alternatives. Master craftsmen and production engineers with lots of experience and ultra-modern machines, with a solid awareness of traditional values, top quality and precision, but particularly of their own values that proudly manufacture solid products. Our Wunderlich products.

The computer-controlled laser cuts out the engine protection gaps
In the second step, the individual segments are separated

The working steps in the manufacture of our engine protection are a clear example of the intensive manufacture. 

We wouldn't be specialists if as well as making ourselves aware of our customers' requirements, we didn't also continuously expand our own expertise regarding the requirements of the latest construction and manufacturing processes. 

This is what our success is based on: on our customer focus and on our ability and pleasure in innovating.

Sheet metal with the partially already pressed out segments
The bore holes for attaching the engine protection are "sunk" using a countersink.
This allows the engine protection to be screwed level from beneath later on
Careful deburring of the engine protection plates
Careful deburring of the engine protection plates
The last grinding - by hand
Shaping of the engine protection with a precision controlled press brake. Below you see the matrix, above you see the pressure cylinder that simulates the radius of the bend
Bevelling, again with lots of experience in handling the material and sure instinct
Inspection of the correct bend angle consistent with the drawing - only then is the Wunderlich engine protection approved
After the mechanical processing: the Wunderlich engine protection, which now only has to be anodised aluminium or black - but that's a whole other story