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A small materials declaration

In the effort to delivery only absolute top quality to our customers, we have decided to only have our tank bags and motorcycle bags made from the high-quality material CORDURA® in future.

But what actually is CORDURA®? It's first and foremost a brand! The Swiss company Invista created a special fabric made of polyamide, i.e. nylon, that didn't exist in this form before. The special thing about it: The manufacture of CORDURA® involves cut polyamide fibres being respun and then woven, making it significantly more tear and abrasion-resistant and more robust than simply nylon. 

While other, more costly material degrade relatively fast under this stress and lose both quality and reliability, CORDURA® retains absolute top quality over a long period. But CORDURA® isn't just CORDURA®. So-called CORDURA® 330, the lightest and thinnest version, is usually used in clothing or very light bags. 500 CORDURA® is fully sufficient for most application purposes, lots of luggage is made with it too. 

And then there's CORDURA® 1000, the "outdoor armour", the perfect, resistant material. "For our bags and tank bags we use CORDURA® 1000 fabric with a PVC-free acrylic or polyurethane coating." explains Armin Halfar, managing director of Halfar System GmbH – our partner when it comes to manufacturing high-quality tank bags and motorcycle bags. "The impregnation with fluorocarbon makes our fabric dirt and water-resistant too." Halfar looks back on over twenty years of experience in the manufacture of bags of all kinds and has his range for us made completely in Europe. 

Despite all the advantages, industry experts know that CORDURA® also has a disadvantage, however. Due to its rough structure, it is much harder and more costly to coat than smooth nylon. One reason why one or two competitors choose to use simpler material. A trend that we will not follow. High quality has its price, and we're sticking to it. And if our tank bag still does its job perfectly in five years and is unscathed, then we know we're right.

Components of our tank bag:
The tank bag consists of 115 parts; a total of 46 different materials are incorporated here. During manufacture, 57 cut pieces are brought together and sowed together. The total length of the anti-spray water zip closure is 4 m.

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