Material science.
Wunderlich Innovative Hybrid Bonding.

New, innovative hybrid materials from Wunderlich

The developers at Wunderlich have been working alongside manufacturing technicians for some time now on combining innovative materials. The aim of this development work is to constructively combine and engineer the positively desired properties of different materials in an individual component. These measures serve to optimise the positive properties in order to better fulfil the respective component requirements than can be achieved by using a single material alone.

Wunderlich Innovative Hybrid Bonding is composed of four terms: Wunderlich and innovative do not need any further explanation, the terms stand for themselves. Hybrid stands for a structure consisting of two or more components and bonding for their connection. Wunderlich Innovative Hybrid Bonding is not limited to certain materials or joining methods. Rather, it might be a composite of two or more materials, the combination of metallic and fibrous materials, or any other conceivable materials whose structural integration and combination significantly improves the component properties in order to optimally fulfil the requirements of the specifications.

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