Protective components.

What is their task ...

The fundamental purpose of our protective components for motorcycles, such as our engine and tank bars, our valve cover and cylinder protectors or our axle protection pads, is to protect the motorcycle as effectively as possible.

This means that

  • a continuation of the journey should be guaranteed
  • the damage and associated costs to the motorcycle itself are avoided or minimised as far as possible

When designing and dimensioning our protection components, we always place great emphasis on the most comprehensive protection possible.

... and where are the limits?

It is important to realise that the environmental conditions and thus the effects of accidents are never identical or comparable: the condition of the road surface, the course of the road, the weather, the load, the speed, the line travelled and the technical condition of the motorcycle are just some of the determining factors that have a direct influence on the effects of a mishap. In addition, of course, there is also the behaviour of other road users with whom we have to share the road. This is especially true in critical situations.

So we know from experience that there can be impacts that can also result in capital damage that even the best protection component cannot cushion. This also applies analogously to the ambient conditions in the event of falling over. This realisation is part of the truth.

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