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The second pillar:

Quality. Totally reliable.

Wunderlich once again successfully achieved recertification of its quality management system to the new DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 standard and received certification to prove that it meets the particularly challenging additional requirements of the Federal Motor Vehicle and Transport Authority (KBA).


Only with German type approval: brake and clutch levers (item no.: 25750-xxx) are only available from us with German type approval in order to ensure the greatest possible safety for the rider.

Why do go to such lengths?

Broken hand lever? Burst brake cylinder? Every rider can imagine the consequences – fatal in the worst-case scenario. Even safety-related motorcycle parts without approval are increasingly appearing on the market that are deceptive product rip-offs plain and simple. Brands are even copied in their entirety with the original packaging. These highly criminal providers simply don't care about the consequences for riders. Finding them often turns out to be impossible.

The price of fake parts like these is actually a good initial indicator. That's why you should avoid obviously cheap, supposedly »brand« components offered by a wide range of online platforms. These are cheap and produced with zero quality testing. These low prices are only possible by drastically reducing the quality of the materials used, the manufacturing process and last but not least, the absence of thorough quality management. This often goes so far that the plagiarised product is missing important technical or required construction features which ensure the function of the product.

With our products and components, we stand for high-quality design, consistently high quality and that essential component that makes »Made in Germany«. This is why we only manufacture our own components which are approvable, i.e. they either have a Germany type approval or type approval certificate (EEC). All other products offered are not subject to this acceptance obligation. Wunderlich was one of the first companies in the motorcycle industry to be certified to the new KBA-compliant standard DIN EN ISO 9001 and has been since the start of the 2000s.

This ensures that we comply with safety-related provisions. The certificate is a fundamental prerequisite for us to be eligible to apply to the KBA for TÜV certificates or German type approval for our own products and components. In July 2018, we once again successfully completed the 3-year recertification process (without recertification the certificate becomes invalid) and the annual audit in July 2020 for the quality management system and Federal Motor Vehicle and Transport Authority (KBA).

The auditing and certification were conducted by the independent auditing organisation, which is approved by the German accreditation body (Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle). The effort that we had to put into the constructive development, acceptance and permanent quality monitoring by independent testing institutes – which also have to be approved by the Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle (DAkkS) – ensures that these components are safe and that our customers can rely on them. This is what makes »anständige Komponenten«. That's why Wunderlich customers are always on the safe side: in terms of quality, safety, and when it comes to the legality of the components.

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