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The goal: Ergonomics as the basis for safe motorcycling.

Life for motorcyclists below today's conventional standard size hasn't exactly got any easier in the last few years. Where the average seat height for a motorcycle in the Eighties was between 750 mm and 800 mm, today riders have to climb onto a seat with an average height of 800 mm to 850 mm. The standard R 1250 GS Adventure even enthrones its rider at 890 mm. Even the lightest of all current BMW Enduros, the F 750 GS, brings a respectable 815 mm to the series trim.

Naturally, the taller person profits here. Even a giant faces hardship if their height is too great, however.

So what to do when the dream BMW motorcycle doesn't fit your body size?

Naturally, BMW offers corresponding options from the factory. But not everyone buys a new motorcycle from the factory and our solutions are known to be the better and more ergonomic choice in many cases. Various combinations are also a possibility.

Now, before anyone starts applying technical solutions to an outsized motorcycle, there are two other far less time-consuming solutions open to us. The first is simple: practice and learn! You can do a lot even with short legs if your head is in the game. A good sense of balance both for the motorcycle as well as for your own body is the start and finish. If I can safely push the bike then the feeling ON the motorcycle is totally different. Additionally, the best training for your sense of balance is using simple sports routines and equipment. Higher footwear is perfect add-on to this already recommendable training. For example, Daytona offers very helpful motorcycle boots with higher soles. There are no comparable products for riders that are too tall, folding yourself up is almost impossible to train.

The first option is a suitable seat

If this doesn't help that much then it's time to look at the motorcycle. First option: a low seat. Our AKTIVKOMFORT seat for the current GS shaves around 30 mm off the seat height, as well as our AKTIVKOMFORT seat for the twin-cylinder F models. A clear difference from the original – thanks to our characteristic, ergonomic 3D contour. This lowering is of course tied to a reduction of the knee angle. This can be uncomfortable for some, just like the fundamental problem faced by riders that are too tall. But we wouldn't be who we are if we didn't have a solution for this too: our footrest lowering kit. Thanks to this, the footrest on the GS is lowered by 25 mm, for example, and the same applies to the F.

If the rider feels too big, one item that may help is our highly comfortable »ERGO« gel seat for the XR with an extra 25 mm. It can also help to fit our handlebar rises, a small change with a big impact. The height increase not only ensures a more relaxed and upright sitting position, but also provides significantly greater mobility. A high windshield like the MARATHON for the GS LC is definitely helpful for tall riders.

For giants in the seat, they offer significantly improved wind protection, greatly minimised turbulence and thus decreased vibrations.

If all this isn't enough for anyone, they'll have to dive deeper into the technology behind their motorcycle. And talking of diving: pushing the fork pipes through – to the extent that is technically possible – is of the simplest lowering methods here. But be careful: the riding dynamics will suffer as a result and the completely compressed front wheel must also remain completely clear – so don't overdo it.


The best solution: the suspension kit

The absolute best solution for final lowering or raising is a high-quality suspension kit with the corresponding springs for the GS or an adjusted spring combined with other fork springs for the F. In conjunction with suspension specialist Wilbers, we offer an independent, high-quality product line of diverse springs and fork spring kits with exclusive adjustments for almost all BMW models – individually manufactured and tailored on request, depth increases are possible up to 70 mm for some models, as well as height adjustments up to 25 mm – depending on the model and configuration.

So there's no reason to despair and be without your dream bike if the size isn't right – we can help! This seal will make it easier for you to find things.

Of course, we're also happy to provide you with fully personal advice and will be happy to explain all the options open to you in a one-on-one chat.

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