What does »Anständige  Komponenten für Ihre BMW?« actually mean?

»Anständige Komponenten für Ihre BMW.« - Our motto is based on three pillars ...


From our many customer meetings we know that, alongside an integrated design, you attach the greatest importance to quality, fitting accuracy, workmanship, durability and the utility and functionality of our products.

We often hear words like »...but I need something decent and proper«. That something is decent and proper no longer seems a given fact today. This involves something that you always implicitly presuppose – it's something reliable, something tangible, proper, real. Something that is solid and sensible – and of course reasonable. It's like the cheap spanner you finally replace with a decent one after you injure yourself or the screw head tears off. We understand what you mean! We think the same way. We believe in the value, quality and reliability of the things we develop and produce. And we feel obligated to take responsibility for and respect both people and nature.

We want to express this with our motto »Anständige Komponenten für Ihre BMW.«. It's based on three important pillars:

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