What does »Anständige Komponenten für Ihre BMW?« actually mean?

We know from numerous conversations with our customers that as well as good design, you very much value the quality, precision fit, handling, durability, benefits and functionality of our products.

We often hear sentences like "...but I need something smart, something decent". It no longer seems to be a given these days that something is smart. It's about something you actually always silently require, it's about something dependable, something tangible, decent, real. Something that is solid, reasonable and suitable. It's like the cheap screwdriver that you end up swapping in the end for a decent one when you've hurt yourself or the screw head has been chewed up. We understand what you mean! We think the same way. We believe in the value, quality and reliability of the things we develop and produce. And we feel obligated to take responsibility for and respect both people and nature. We want to express this with "The right components for your BMW".

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