Who is »average«?

But who really meets this average?

The influence of ergonomics on riding pleasure

A motorcycle is average when everything sits right and fits, when everything is in the right place. When you can safely reach the floor with both feet, when you can effortlessly and reliably operate the handlebar with your arms and all levers with your hands and feet, without the need for bending or stretching. If the ergonomics are right, this can lead to painful muscle or joint tension that not only negatively impacts riding pleasure but also safety when riding.

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In short: When it comes to ergonomics, your size and especially your body shape (e.g. body size, but also the ratio of leg length to body size, size of hands and feet, etc.) play a big role!

The suspension and its influence on riding pleasure

In principle, we can say good suspension is characterised by keeping the wheels on the ground under all conditions, guaranteeing contact with the road when speeding up, braking and going through bends. Without getting too deep into the physics, we can also say that a motorcycle forms a spring mass system. The mass is composed of the machine and rider. If he or she is too light, the machine "hops" and bounces, but if they are too heavy, it can end up bottoming out. With a good suspension design, the weight of the rider and any passenger is always included in the equation. Just like the riding style, which can be sport or touristy. This information isn't just helpful, it is necessary if you want to design the suspension elements carefully. Only by doing can you ensure the machine's riding behaviour is smooth but above all safe.

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In short: Your weight and riding style play a crucial role in the design of the suspension!

Doesn’t fit? Doesn’t exist! Wunderlich has solutions!

Here at Wunderlich we specialise in components that you can use to adjust the ergonomics and riding behaviour of your BMW to own personal needs and preferences without have to make compromises. These components guarantee your riding pleasure. 


  • Suitable seats (higher, lower)
  • Wind protection in different designs
  • Handlebar risers
  • Adjustable rest and 
  • handlebar lever systems

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Wunderlich suspensions:

  • Excellent responsiveness through the use of the best materials, precise manufacture and careful hand assembly
  • Individually configured for your needs, weight and size
  • Fully adjustable for your needs and riding style

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