The third pillar:

Wunderlich BLAU – Responsibility and sustainability.

At Wunderlich, we are committed to responsibility and respect for people and the environment.

Although we are active internationally, we remain down-to-earth and rooted in the Ahrweiler district since our company was founded. Economically, we ensure our products are manufactured locally, with the result that our Wunderlich products are »Made in Germany« wherever possible. Transport routes are short and predictable compared with purchasing on the global markets, meaning they are environmentally friendly and use fewer resources. This is bolstered by our long-standing, close and reliable links to partners.

We always gain an impression of the production facilities at our suppliers' locations to make sure that work there is only carried out in socially acceptable conditions. It is unacceptable for people to be disadvantaged or exploited in connection to a company project.

We pay particular attention to the resource-saving use of materials, which means we supply components for replacement wherever possible. In doing so, we play a role in reducing waste accumulation and energy consumption. In the area of packaging, we will continue to consistently pursue the path we have taken of dispensing with plastic packaging and switching to fully recyclable packaging.

The electricity we need as a company is produced in the form of renewable energy using our own photovoltaic plant, which we are expanding in a second stage in 2020. By doing this we are making an effective contribution to reducing the consumption of fossil fuels.

The preassembly of products, packaging orders, the processing of print and shipping orders to a major extent as well as upkeep of the factory grounds are assigned to an integrative institution.

We regularly train young and committed individuals. Currently, this comprises 7 trainees in a very broad professional spectrum, ranging from dual studies to commercial or logistics vocations through to twin-valve mechanics. That puts our trainee rate at almost 10%!

We also regularly offer mechanical engineering students a long-term apprenticeship in our development department.

We take all measures to fully reinforced our social commitment and our respect for people and nature.

Current initiatives for sustainability in the context of Wunderlich BLAU
It's important to us that all measures and initiatives are fundamentally customer-focused. This means, for example, that you can feel free to decide if you want to support our »Paperless invoicing« and »Sustainable, climate-neutral printed catalogs« initiatives.

»Paperless Invoicing« initiative
In order to save resources – here specifically the wood, water and energy for producing paper – as of 1st August 2019, you can choose whether you would like to continue receiving your invoice in paper form or go paperless and receive a PDF file instead. Depending on your choice, we will send the invoice to you in the pack as normal or we can send this to you separately as a PDF in an e-mail. As a third option, we also offer you the choice of doing both. Already, one and a half years after the introduction, more than 50% of our customers have opted for the paperless form of billing.

Climate-neutral shipment of packages
We want to fulfil our responsibility as a package shipper and have been shipping climate-neutral packages since the autumn of 2019. We will bear the costs for this. Extrapolated over a year, we offset around 175 t of CO2 with this measure alone. And the trend is rising.

Environmentally-friendly product packaging initiative
We are currently in the process of switching our product packaging to FSC®-certified cardboard. The switch will be made gradually as this requires extensive coordination over the entire supply chain all the way to our suppliers. This combined with additional, big steps will allow us to consistently reduce the amount of plastic in our product packaging.

Exchange seats
We consistently manufacture many of our seats sustainably. Therefore, we will gladly take back the »old« seat in exchange. The seats are marked accordingly in our online shop.

Sustainable, environmentally-friendly catalog initiative
This initiative is composed of three important cornerstones:

  • Catalog paper from sustainable forest management
  • Climate-neutral printing
  • You can leaf through our catalogs online in our catalog portal or download them in PDF format.


Sustainable print and media production.

Sustainability describes the use of a regenerable, natural system in such a way that this system's essential properties remain intact and its resources can continue to grow in a natural way long-term. It is this principle that has also guided Wunderlich GmbH in the joint design and production of this catalog!

From the definition of sustainability, Wunderlich GmbH is committed to the sustainable and climate-neutral production of its catalogs, as well as the use of modern, resource-sparing printing methods comprising two components:

The Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) was founded in 1993 following the climate summit in Rio. The FSC® is a non-governmental, charitable organisation dedicated to safeguarding the environmentally responsible, socially responsible and economically viable use of the earth's forests. The organisation is supported worldwide by various environmental organisations as well as numerous companies from forestry and timber management.

Consequently, Wunderlich has used only FSC®-certified paper for this catalog. The label guarantees that certified – i.e. monitored – wood or paper is used throughout the entire processing chain involved with the production of this catalog. Customers who buy FSC® products are making an active contribution to the sustainable management of forests all over the world.

Climate neutrality and climate-neutral media production mean offsetting greenhouse gases, i.e. neutralising them by saving a specific amount elsewhere. This is possible because greenhouse gases have a global effect and, for the environment, it does not matter where the emissions are produced and where they are avoided. This catalog has therefore been produced in a climate-neutral, i.e. climate-offset manner. An emissions balance sheet is drawn up for the printed product in question based on the emissions generated through its production process. Wunderlich GmbH therefore receives a certificate at the end of the process and invests in a recognised, gold-standard climate protection project.

With these two quality features, Wunderlich GmbH is making a considerable contribution to the protection of the climate and the environment.

Bernd Kinzel
Graduate engineer in print and media technology
Consultant and expert in sustainable media production

We have decided to opt for the environmentally-friendly handling of forest resources. Therefore we have been printing all catalogs on FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council)-certified paper since 2019. The same applies to this catalog. The FSC® system ensures the sustainable use of forests for today's generation and subsequent generations through fundamentally environment-friendly, socially beneficial and economically viable forestry management.

For more information, see:

When printing our catalogs, we collaborate with printers who have made their printing processes consistently climate-neutral.

If you would like to avoid printed catalogs altogether, all of our catalogs are available for you to leaf through or download on our catalog portal.
Here is the link:

More sustainable use. Wunderlich's spare parts service.

Wunderlich BLAU stands for sustainable production of our components. However, Wunderlich BLAU also stands for the sustainable benefits associated with our high-quality components for our customers. They are solid, functional and designed with durability in mind.

We therefore offer you a comprehensive spare parts service. If something has been damaged, if you need a screw for a Wunderlich product: our customer service team will be happy to help you however it can. This also applies in particular to protective components. If a mishap occurs and a valve cover or hand protector, or even a protection bar gets damaged, please contact our customer service team. They will be happy to help you.

With this approach, we are consciously taking a stand against the nowadays unfortunately common procedure of disposing of products because they are subject to planned obsolescence or repair is not worthwhile or not even possible in the first place.

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