Responsibility and sustainability. At Wunderlich we have a duty of responsibility to and respect for people and the environment.

Under the motto »Wunderlich BLAU« we summarise all the numerous measures through which we would like to contribute to fully live up to our social obligation to and our respect for people and nature. »Wunderlich BLAU« is an attitude that we relate to our products and which we spread wherever possible by
openly and sensitively identifying all starting points where we could make a tangible contribution: This could be energy and resource reduction measures, more efficient processes, but could also be social commitment.

Although we operate around the world, we have our feet on the ground and are firmly rooted in the Arhweiler district. On a commercial level we ensure that products are manufactured locally as much as possible so that our Wunderlich products are "Made in Germany". Transport routes are short and calculable compared with procurement on the global markets and are thus environmentally friendly and uses less resources. Added to this is the long, close and reliable relationship with our partners. We visualise each of our suppliers' premises and thus ensure that work is only carried out here under socially acceptable conditions and excluding the possibility of people being socially disadvantaged or exploited in relation to a project by the company.

We pay special attention to resource-friendly handling of materials so that we supply components in exchange, where possible. In doing so, we are contributing to the reduction of waste, energy and water consumption as well as pollutant emissions. We will soon be abolishing the use of plastic packaging in our packaging and switching to completely recyclable packaging instead.

A significant proportion of the electricity we need as a company is produced in the form of renewable energy from our own photovoltaic system. We will be integrating an even more efficient system into our corporate headquarters at the Innovationspark Rheinland. By doing this we are making an effective contribution to reducing the consumption of fossil fuels.

Thus in producing our catalogue, for example, we work with a regionally based, ultra modern printing firm that generates electricity with a highly efficient thermal power stations and uses the resulting waste heat for the production process.

A significant proportion of the preassembly of products, packaging orders, the handling of printing and shipping orders as well as the maintenance of our factory premises are allocated to an integrative centre.

We regularly train committed young people. We currently have 7 trainees covering a broad professional spectrum that ranges from dual-track studies in sales and logistical vocational fields through to twin-valve mechanics. This means our training quota is 10%! In addition to this, we routinely offer mechanical engineering students a long-term practice placement in our development department.

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