Top quality. Individually configurable. Fully adjustable.

In principle, we can say that a well functioning suspension always ensures that the wheels stay on the ground under all conditions. The sensitive handling that results from the least possible loosening of the components when compressing and decompressing is the most critical benchmark for the quality of the suspension components and thus the entire suspension.

As always in fact, the quality of the components is determined by the precision of the manufacture of the individual parts and the care taken during fitting. This applies most especially to suspension components. However, the suspension is only perfect if it offers the option of completely personal configuration and individual adjustability. This is the high demand met by Wunderlich Suspension components: You receive perfect, top quality suspension components coupled with the ability to individually configure and adjust them. Our comprehensive range includes almost all BMW motorcycles from the 1969 /5 series on.

A motorcycle's performance is generally always still measured by the engine output. This is admittedly a size that almost everyone can get started with. 

By contrast, here at Wunderlich we place at least the same importance on a motorcycle's suspension as the engine output alone. That's because we've known since at least the 70s: What use is 100 HP and more if the suspension sets the limits instead of the engine. 

The engine frames in use today are stiffer than ever and thus better than ever. The quality of the springs and forks is frequently defined by the specifications of the factory's calculation department, however, and not by the technical possibilities. Added to this is the fact that the motorcycle manufacturers are forced to make compromises when dimensioning the spring elements. In this instance, 'compromise' means that one assumes a rider of average weight, an average two-person load weight and average luggage weight. But who meets this average? A suspension like this is too hard for a 70 kg rider - especially for a petite female rider - but too soft for those weighing in at 120 kg. Then there's the seat height, which of course is also tailored to the average size. 

Now you could say: You can't have it all and be satisfied with that. Unlike the engine frame, however, we have the option to swap the series standard spring and dampening elements for those of a higher quality and with noticeably better responsiveness. 

Over more than two decades and together with our development and test riders, we've collected extensive experience and expertise on the street, off-road, on the world's slopes and on the racetrack. Testing frequently takes place in the context of demanding competitions like the Agadir Rally, the Pikes Peak Hill climb, the Fischereihafenrennen and the Globetrotters we support.

Our own product specifications take into account the high requirements of our demanding customers, who are looking for a technically outstanding, individually configurable suspension that can be adjusted to their needs. 

Just in time for both companies' 30th anniversary celebrations, we and the Nordhorn-based Wilbers Products GmbH have concluded a wide-reaching cooperative agreement. Since the start of 2015, the suspension specialist Wilbers has been producing a standalone product line for us. In the process, Wunderlich will handle the entire spring range for the Adjustline, Ecoline and WESA suspensions as well as the Hyper Race steering dampers and the fork spring kits with corresponding fork oil. Additionally, Wilbers produces the Wunderlich Classic springs, which includes exclusive adjustments solely for Wunderlich.

Wunderlich customers thus not only receive an individually manufactured suspension in the unmistakeable Wunderlich Suspension design, but also in our very special Wunderlich alignment. Every spring is produced within five workings days with an individual setup, regardless of use, load weight and seat height. After delivery to the customer, the standard five-year guarantee Wilbers always uses will be assumed by Wunderlich.

The original ESA adjustment device (on the handlebar) is retained in most cases.

If you're interested, we're happy to provide you with competent advice that's tailored to your needs. Don't hesitate to contact us! We're also happy to perform the installation in our Grafschaft service centre at your request (incl. coupling to the vehicle electronics) and all maintenance work on the Wunderlich Suspension suspensions. For our customers this means individuality, quality and service at the highest level.

You can find out more about your individual and model-specific suspension components as well as configure them to meet your requirements at


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