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In the dark? Not with us!

We firmly believe in the value of our products. That’s no coincidence: we develop ideas and manufacture our products and components carefully, and not only do we test them out thoroughly in test rides but also in the attachment stage before we add them to our range. This procedure ensures that we only offer products that we ourselves are convinced about. 

Wunderlich Test-Centre and
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Monday to Friday from 9:30 AM to 5 PM
Saturday from 09:00 AM to 1 PM (April to October)

Joseph-von-Fraunhofer-Str. 6 – 8 | D-53501 Grafschaft-Ringen
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E-Mail: [email protected]remove-this.wunderlich.de

Because of this, you can test certain Wunderlich ergonomics components - that simply have to be right - on your own machine at our test centre in Grafschaft-Ringen. This includes windscreens, our Vario spoiler add-ons and our Ergo seats (excluding the Classic by Wunderlich seats). As of very recently, you can also test drive the Classic by Wunderlich suspension struts on your twin-valve Boxer.

If you’re interested, we recommend getting in contact with our respective employees on +49 (0) 2641 30 82-800 for a consultation and to arrange an appointment if you wish. 

But enough of that. Our premium retailers offer you the same exclusive service. Simply get in contact with your premium retailer on sire.

In addition to the exclusive opportunity to test the aforementioned products on your own vehicle at zero risk, we’ll also give you a guarantee that’s total unique in the motorcycle industry: If you’re not satisfied, we’ll let you return the item within 60 days of purchase. 

Test for yourself! Chassis strut from Classic by Wunderlich 

The Airhead-Boxer Suspension Offensive 2019

After intensive development work, we have been offering suspension struts especially for the Airhead-Boxers (from 1969 - 1996, from /5 – R 100 Mystic/Classic) for a year and a half. These are made by hand in small batches in a mechanical workshop.

In the 70s and 80s many sports riders had experimented with chassis struts that helps improve the rigidity of the BMW frame when used for sport. It thus made sense to connect the front and rear frame columns with a suitable strut. The solutions that had been professionally designed were usually welded with the frame in order to ensure necessary rigidity. The others were hinged with questionable clamps and they were as dubious as their effectiveness.

We decided to do it our own way and combined the systems. Welding on the frame is out to start with since this means it loses approval. A rigidly designed connection between the frame and strut is essential, however, in order for the chassis struts to unleash their effect and noticeably improve the suspension. Added to this is the fact that many customers prefer reversible chassis struts on historical bikes so they can reverse engineer them if necessary.

To that end, we’ve developed high-quality, screwable aluminium consoles that incorporate the length-adjustable chassis struts. This means it’s possible to align the chassis struts individually. The pre-tensioning of the aluminium struts made of 20 mm tube pipe is done by hand, the setting is countered.

The struts should be easy and flexible to mount on all twin-valve frame so that they can also be used with conversions (not just for sporty models) and with different configurations of carburettors and intakes.

The advantages of the chassis struts thus aren’t limited to sports suspensions, they’re just as effective with the twin-valve GS and with road bikes.

They noticeably improve the steering precision and directional stability of the twin-valves.

Test for yourself!

As part of our suspension offensive 2019, Airhead-Boxer riders can test the chassis struts on their own Boxer in our Test Centre and at all Wunderlich events before they decide to buy. This applies for bare Airhead-Boxers where the frame trussings are freely accessible. 

Please contact our employees in the Wunderlich Test Centre at +49 (0) 2641 30 82-800 (Mon-Fri 9.30 AM - 5 PM), email: [email protected]

» Product reviews

The reviews of the riders who have outfitted their Airhead-Boxers with the chassis struts are positive across the board.

...even the vibrations have substantially decreased. I can even identify things in the rear mirror! A worthwhile purchase since I'm no longer "swimming" on bad roads.

After assembling them and then having my first ride out, I was really surprised by how effective the struts are. My R80ST takes the curves and wavy road sections much more calmly. This means even more stability for the suspension. Also and especially on fast road sections.

I've just tested my new frame struts and I'm really impressed with how effective they are! Not only because my R100R has become a lot more stable and the steering precision has improved, one side-effect I didn't bank on was that the vibrations have significantly reduced too.

High quality product with a perfect finish.

Test for yourself! Small spoiler with a big effect!

Wunderlich spoiler additions for original windshields

As a special highlight there is also the option to test our the spoiler additions: Discreet, adjustable, transparent spoilers with big effect, that attach plug-and-play style to the original windscreen and provide a noticeably smoother air flow and thus effortless biking.

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