Certificates & Awards

On this site you will find Informations about our Certificates and Awards. We are grateful and would like to share our tributes with you.


We are members of the German Motorcycle Industry Association (IVM). The IVM represents the motorcycle industry in Germany, the producers and importers of motorcycles and scooters, as well as manufacturers and importers of motorcycle clothing and equipment. The approximately 50 member companies of the IVM represent over 95% of the German motorcycle market. The association is committed to improving the experience of motorcycle and scooter lovers regardless of the brand. 

"Lobbying for motorcycles" is the main task of the Motorcycle Industry Association, which participates in political and social decision-making processes, as well as in other associations and dialogues with decision-making bodies: an important and indispensable institution for us.


ISO 9001

Our company is certified with the ISO 9001 quality system. The ISO standards define requirements that guarantee a high standard in the quality management system. Compliance with these requirements has been demonstrated by us to an independent certification body. Therefore, our customers can be sure that our activity is carried out and conducted in a clear and systematic way. This, in turn, naturally has great influence on the high quality of our developments and our products.

Such structured management benefits not only our customers, but also our work. This certification allows us constant improvements in efficiency and quality, aspects to which we attribute an extremely high value.