Media-News 10|2023 - Back in Black: The GONZZOO

Back in black: The GONZZOO

Wunderlich's exhaust deflector GONZZOO for the BMW 1250/1200 GS now also available in black

From now on Wunderlich offers its effective and popular exhaust deflector GONZZOO also in black. It differs from the light-coloured GONZZOO variant by its black, durable, heat-resistant, technical ceramic coating. Both versions are made of high-quality stainless steel and are identical except for the ceramic coating.

The GONZZOO - efficient, ingeniously designed and with German type approval (ABE).

The GONZZOO exhaust deflector reduces the clearly perceptible, low-frequency roar of the GS, which many riders of the BMW R 1250 GS/Adv and the R 1200 GS LC/Adv complain about. It occurs particularly in part-load and full-load operation at speeds between 80 and 130 km/h. Unfortunately, this is the speed range in which one is most often on the road. Or the one you can least avoid.

Always ready for action: The GONZZOO is compact and easy to stow away!



The Sports-GONZZOO

The Sports-GONZZOO may serve as proof of how deeply the BMW specialists have penetrated the subject: Wunderlich has created a version of the GONZZOO especially for the Akrapovic sports silencer.

#20881-000 Wunderlich »GONZZOO« exhaust deflector for Akrapovic sports exhaust - stainless steel


At a glance:


Part No.

#20881-002 Wunderlich »GONZZOO« exhaust deflector - black
#20881-000 Wunderlich »GONZZOO« exhaust deflector - stainless steel



  • The GONZZOO exhaust deflector minimises the often unpleasant drone of the GS at head height of the rider and passenger when riding with cases.
  • Less noise for relaxed and safe riding
  • No loss of power
  • In the subjective perception, a clear noise reduction is noticeable when passing the GS - depending on the open field conditions
  • The GONZZOO shields the cases from the heat radiation of the exhaust stream and reduces the heating up of the contents
  • High-quality, ceramic, heat-resistant black coating
  • Compact and effective construction
  • Easy to store
  • Easy slip-on mounting on the original GS rear silencer
  • Incl. mounting tool
  • With German type approval (ABE)


Technical data

  • Material: Stainless steel, high quality, precisely processed
  • Colours
    • black (durable, heat-resistant, high-quality ceramic coating)
    • stainless steel colour


The Wunderlich advantages

  • Wunderlich Premium Product.
  • Small series. Made by hand
  • Design. Functional and integrated.
  • 60 days right of return - testing without risk!
  • Made in Germany
  • 5 year warranty


The price

The stainless steel GONZZOOs (for standard silencer and Akrapovic sports exhaust) come in at € 99.90*. The black, ceramic-coated version for the standard silencer costs €119.90*. *Prices may vary dpeneding on the country


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#20881-002 Wunderlich »GONZZOO« exhaust deflector - black
#20881-000 Wunderlich »GONZZOO« exhaust deflector - stainless steel
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