Media-News 11|2023 - Radiator protection for the Ducati DesertX

Protect your Adventure!

Wunderlich Adventure radiator protection for the Ducati DesertX


The tempting thing about the Ducati DesertX is that it makes it easier than any other adventure bike to get off the beaten track. This is possible even if you are not yet an off-road pro. What you should not underestimate, however, are its vulnerable assemblies, such as the water cooler behind the 21" front wheel. For those who want to gravel carefree at all times, here it is: the radiator protection from Wunderlich Adventure. This keeps the radiator intact and the water temperature in the green zone. Onroad too!

The adventure bike specialists from Wunderlich now offer an integrated radiator protector for the Italian adventure bike, which effectively protects the cooler on the highway and in the gravel. The black frame is made of aluminium and anodised black to match the L-Twin, the protective grille is made of stainless steel.

Carefree graveling. Wunderlich protects your Adventure!


Die Artikelnummer:

70270-002 Wunderlich Adventure radiator protection – black


The price:

€ 159,90 *Prices may vary depending on the country.


The radiator of the Ducati DesertX is optimally positioned in the airflow of the airstream to ensure optimum air flow for cooling the engine. However, due to its exposed installation position behind the wonderful 21" front wheel, the filigree fins of the radiator network are equally exposed to stone chips, foreign bodies and insects. Insects clog the radiator and reduce the cooling capacity just as much as fins bent by stone chips. In the worst case, leaks can occur. With a damaged radiator, there is a risk of overheating and it is impossible to continue riding, and impurities definitely reduce the cooling capacity.

The radiator protection from Wunderlich Adventure is designed to ensure optimum air flow and cooling performance. The front silhouette of the cooler is covered in such a way that the direct impact of foreign bodies and insects on the sensitive cooler mesh is reliably reduced and avoided. It protects the cooler reliably without reducing the air flow.

This radiator protection is also a visual highlight: the functional design integrates perfectly into the appearance of the Italian bike.

Carefree graveling. Wunderlich protects your Adventure!


At a glance:


Part No.

70270-002 Wunderlich Adventure radiator protection – black



  • Noble, reliable protection of the sensitive radiator net
  • Prevents damage and coarse contamination caused by flung-on foreign bodies
  • Prevents loss of cooling capacity at the radiator without reducing the air flow rate
  • High-strength, robustly welded stainless steel grille with stable aluminium holding frame
  • Robust connection technology between grille and frame
  • With installation kit


Technical data

  • Material
    • Grille: stainless steel grille, carefully welded and finished with focus on high resistance.
    • Frame: Aluminium, high quality, 2 mm profile thickness, black anodised.
  • Dimensions
    • Width 348 mm
    • Height 235 mm
    • Component thickness 2mm
  • Colour
    • Black/stainless steel


The Wunderlich advantages

  • Wunderlich premium product.
  • Small series. Made by hand.
  • Wunderlich Design. Integrated and functional.
  • Made in Europe
  • 60 days right of return
  • 5 year warranty


The price

The Adventure Bike specialists from Wunderlich offer the radiator protection for the DesertX from Ducati at a price of € 159,90*. Prices may vary depending on the country.


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70270-002 Wunderlich Adventure radiator protection – black
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