Ironed out

It irons out the weak points on the open flanks of the BMW R 1250 RT:

Wunderlich‘s fairing protection bar

This fairing and tank protection bar from Wunderlich not only reliably protects the tank but the fairing of the stem and the vulnerable radiator units on the BMW tourer R 1250 RT. Together with the engine protection bar from the Rhineland team, it forms a sophisticated all-round protection concept for passive safety: in the event of a crash or fall, the effective forces are then optimally distributed across the structure of the protection bar and the durable attachment points, thus avoiding high forces. The look of the fairing protection bar follows the contours of the RT and typical for Wunderlich integrates very well into the design of the bike on a visual level and thus highlights the striking look. The protection bar is made from a composite of 25 mm and 18 mm precision stainless steel tubing. It consists of tube segments that are shaped on CNC pipe bending machines specifically for each model and then clean welded.

The product features applicable to this fairing protection bar apply in spirit to all protection bars from Wunderlich: The focus is constructive integration, functionality and design. Wunderlich offers this fairing protection bar in a choice of chrome-plated, silver or black. The colour versions are powder-coated. Prices: The powder-coated variants cost € 279.00*) while the chrome-plated version costs € 299.00*). Everything Made in Germany, so
Wunderlich also provides a 5 year warranty.

Wunderlich offers combinable engine and tank protection bar designs for all current BMW motorcycles as well as a range of older model series.

44140-101 - Wunderlich fairing and tank protection bar silver
44140-102 - Wunderlich fairing and tank protection bar black
44140-103 - Wunderlich fairing and tank protection bar chrome-plated

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Wunderlich‘s fairing and tank protection bar for BMW R 1250 RT


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