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Press Release 14|2014 - High Tech for the R nine T

Wunderlich offers high quality Öhlins suspension components for the BMW RnineT and assemble them at no charge.

BMW’s most emotional RnineT is coming in. This modern classical invites to sport cruising and has become, in a short time, a real sales hit. The RnineT’s suspension has still got some potential for improvement, from a sporting point of view.


The BMW spares specialist Wunderlich offers some high quality Öhlins suspension components for the RnineT. This gives to the biker a completely new driving feeling.


For the RnineT front end, Wunderlich customers can choose between a complete replacement of the genuine forks with the Öhlins FGRT 216 forks for 2.750,- Euro or a replacement of the fork cartridge with the adjustable Öhlins ROAD & TRACK 30 mm cartridge kit, including suspension and 1 liter high quality oil, for 1.299,- Euro.


As an alternative to the standard suspension, Wunderlich offers an extremely resistant Öhlins suspension which is perfectly adapted to the RnineT. This suspension for 1.210,- Euro is the real optimum for the R nine T, with low breakaway torque, finest response characteristic, adjustable pressure and tension, continuous adjustment of primary tension through integrated hydraulic pretension and many other features.


Wunderlich customers can also replace the original steering damper with the Öhlins High-End steering damper for 380,- Euro.

As a partner of Öhlins factory service, Wunderlich doesn’t only offer their customers products, but also competent consulting and reliable assembly service. Until the end of September 2014 there’s a free of charge component assembly in the Wunderlich workshop in Sinzig. Customers pay only the price indicated on the product.


For application to this service please contact the Wunderlich shop or call the number +49 (0) 2642 – 9798 – 74



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