Endurance runner

Wunderlich‘s windshields for long tours are called »MARATHON«

The greatest appeal in riding a motorcycle is riding pleasure.  All of your senses are heightened and focused on the moment, on that unique feeling of cruising through the flowing landscape! Riding pleasure is born when the ergonomics and protection are in harmony. When you feel completely comfortable and secure. When motorcycle and rider become one.

BMW riders looking for an effective windshield for their next grand tour choose to rely on Wunderlich‘s proven »MARATHON« designs. They shine thanks to outstanding ergonomics and protection as well as incomparable comfort – and ensure relaxed riding with increased passive safety. Especially on long routes. They are characterised by a sophisticated aerodynamic design as well as integral, model-specific features and high recognition value. Look through the »MARATHON« and right away you will see the high-quality workmanship – a hallmark of Wunderlich. Enjoy a clear view ahead without distracting optical distortions. Another Wunderlich trademark: The hand-polished edges of these windshields make separate edge protection redundant.

Wunderlich offers the »MARATHON« windshields in a transparent version or with a smoked grey tint for all current BMW motorcycles, as well as many older model series.

Off to a flying start

The »MARATHON« for the BMW F 850 GS Adventure

Thanks to their vast experience, Wunderlich is adept at quickly developing all our proprietary products for new model ranges to ensure market readiness. It is therefore hardly surprising that the Sinzig-based BMW motorcycle accessories specialists already has the »MARATHON« windshield in transparent and smoked grey available for the brand new BMW F 850 GS Adventure – in time for the first deliveries of the new motorcycles.

The »MARATHON« is aerodynamically inclined towards the rider and allows the original height adjustment mechanism for the windshield to be used. It is much higher (around 160 mm) and the lower section is wider than the original windshield.The aerodynamic airflow channel between the lower edge of the windshield and the headlight creates a backflow from the »MARATHON«, which effectively dissipates, calms and deflects the air stream. It also prevents water spraying onto the helmet visor when it rains. The »MARATHON« therefore offers maximum protection and integrates perfectly into the overall layout of the BMW F 850 GS Adventure. The »MARATHON« windshield features a high-quality design that, while noticeable, remains discreet and mirrors the design language of the Adventure. This is why at Wunderlich they talk about integrated design.

Wunderlich offers the »MARATHON« windshield for the BMW F 850 GS Adventure with a 5-year guarantee in transparent or smoked grey for EUR 179.90*).

Windshields and accessories for the BMW F 850 GS Adventure

Part No.:
43971-001 - Wunderlich »MARATHON« windshield  transparent
43971-002 -  Wunderlich »MARATHON« windshield smoked grey


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