F-antastic seat!

AKTIVKOMFORT to the power of 3:

Wunderlich offers three seats for the BMW F 750/850 GS and F 850 GS Adventure

The seats from BMW finisher Wunderlich have a name: »AKTIVKOMFORT«. Wunderlich offers three »AKTIVKOMFORT« seats for the BMW F 750/850 GS and 850 GS Adventure. These are available in three different heights: in a high (+15 mm) and a low version (-25 mm) for everyone who wants to adjust the height. Added to these is the standard version. You can‘t get a better choice!  

»AKTIVKOMFORT« - Active and comfort? Two terms that don‘t seem like they go together on first glance. Yet this is precisely the connection that the Rhineland-based specialists for perfect BMW motorcycle accessories have so masterfully achieved.

Become one with your motorcycle – active riding

Wunderlich manufactures its seats with a characteristic, ergonomic 3D contour that in this case allows the rider and passenger to become one with their F 750/850 GS models. This level of integration results in perfectly relaxed and active riding. And there‘s no doubt that a relaxed sitting posture is a bonus to passive safety.

The ergonomic 3D contour makes sure that pressure points on the inner thigh when sat at the traffic lights become history. It offers perfect hold and active, reliable control during accelerated riding, also and especially when breaking: Who doesn‘t already know that feeling, when your passenger suddenly slides forward as you stop and you immediately have to brace yourself while simultaneously also having to pay attention in what might be a precarious situation. Wunderlich‘s specially developed support contour makes scary moments like these during braking a thing of the past.

Everything for long-distance comfort

As if the sophisticated contour features of Wunderlich‘s »AKTIVKOMFORT« seats weren‘t enough. Even tucked away under the cover you‘ll find more ingenuity and experience than you would think. Typical for the brand, the seats are designed in a progressive two-layer construction with soft top layer and tautly core. This means „scuffing“ of the cushioning is reliably avoided and the sitting pressure is simultaneously distributed over a wider area, which leads to a noticeably lower specific pressure load to your rear. Comfortable! Also typically Wunderlich: the integrated concave profile for relieving the pressure-sensitive coccyx.  

Perfect right down to the detail

Anyone who spends this much effort on the interior qualities only uses the best materials in the upholstering: the refined cover is designed to be naturally sweat-reducing and anti-slip, the seams are finely crafted as waterproof cut seams, the sides of the seat are finely recessed in terms of look and materials. The brand logo is discreetly sewn onto the right side.

A must: integrated design

The high-quality design on the »AKTIVKOMFORT« seats by no means pushes its way to the forefront and remains discreet. It follows the design of the F models in flawless fashion. This is why Wunderlich is talking about integrated design.

With the »AKTIVKOMFORT« seats from Wunderlich once again the specific expertise that goes into all of the products and components from the enterprise reveals itself.

Wunderlich delivers the seats „Made in Germany“ with 5 years warranty. The price is €399.00*) incl. VAT.

25621-002 - Wunderlich »AKTIVKOMFORT« seat                    
                  standard - black
25621-012 - Wunderlich »AKTIVKOMFORT« seat
                  -25 mm - low - black
25621-022 - Wunderlich »AKTIVKOMFORT« seat
                  +15mm - high - black


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