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For excess baggage

Wunderlich luggage rails for the big BMW touring motorbikes

The functional Wunderlich luggage rails for the Vario cases of the BMW GS models enjoy great popularity among the GS community thanks to their high utility value. Now the BMW accessories specialists from Sinzig are adding to the range and presenting the luggage rails for the big BMW touring motorbikes BMW R 1250 RT, R 1200 RT LC, K 1600 GT and GTL.

The tops of the cases have always been a good choice for transporting additional soft luggage. Many touring riders therefore pack their travel bags, mats or tents, lashed more or less securely with a strap, directly onto the side cases. Not only are the fastenings often not secure but there is also the danger of damaging the paint on the tops and lids of the cases as the additional luggage and straps rub against them. This is especially true for the painted cases on the big BMW touring motorbikes. These are aspects that the product developers at Wunderlich have taken into consideration. The result is functional luggage rails that allow luggage to be securely fastened into place without damaging the delicate painted case surfaces.

In addition, the Sinzigers have perfectly adapted the basic idea of the luggage rails to match the high-quality design and style of the big BMW touring motorbikes: They mount on the original brackets very simply and securely without having to drill the cases. Thanks to the tubular steel structure, the luggage can be securely strapped into place. The luggage rails are permanently installed and are designed so that the opening handle of the case can be easily operated from above. This means that the contents of the case can be accessed at any time and the cases can be removed if necessary if the luggage rails are not being used for excess baggage. This is extremely practical.

Thanks to their integral design and high-quality workmanship, the luggage rails have a high recognition value and are a real eye-catcher. They perfectly highlight the line of BMW’s RT, GT and GTL cases.
The practical rails are handcrafted from precision steel tubing. They are available in two versions: High-quality chrome-plated or powder-coated in black. Wunderlich supplies the luggage rails with a mounting kit and five-year warranty. They are completely Made in Germany and cost €199.90*) per side.

20570-100 - Wunderlich luggage rails – right – chromed
20570-200 - Wunderlich luggage rails – left – chromed
20570-102 - Wunderlich luggage rails – right – black
20570-202 - Wunderlich luggage rails – left – black


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