Press Release 02|2020 - Radio silence - Wunderlich protection against theft by range extenders

The comfort of the Keyless Go technology is undisputed. It lets you simply operate your motorcycle without having to scrabble around for the key first. Especially in the dark or if you don‘t have your hands free. Yet - and sadly many people don‘t know about this - the technology that makes our lives so easy and comfortable is accessible to other. All you have to do is „tap“ the key signal. A so-called range extender makes this easier than you‘d think. The radio signal from the key is normally limited to a few metres. The range extender lets you extend the signal of the access system over umpteen metres and thereby release the motorcycle. When resting up in a cafe, it‘s easy to acquire the signal and extend it all the way to your parking spot. Simply pressing the starter button is enough to let you ride off. The bad thing is that it‘s absolutely legal to purchase and operate a range extender like this. 

But Wunderlich got something that can help: as easy as theft might be, it‘s also easy to prevent. Wunderlich have shielded their key pouch with RFID blocker so effectively that radio waves can‘t get in or out. This means the Keyless Go key remains inaccessible as long as it is carefully locked away in the completely shielded pouch. This is an easy and simultaneously effective method of preventing your motorcycle from being stolen. Wunderlich offers a black and a carbon-look version.

44115-922 - Wunderlich key pouch with RFID blocker - black
44115-920 - Wunderlich key pouch with RFID blocker - carbon look

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