Protection against hot situations: Wunderlich‘s heat guard for the exhaust of the BMW F 750/850 GS

Let‘s not beat around the bush. Hot situations have happened to all of us: the summer sun is hot, there‘s a mild breeze - who doesn‘t love going for a tour on their bike in this kind of weather! Pause. Clothes down and then, in a careless moment, you‘ve touched the exhaust. The hot one. Ouch! Naturally, we grit our teeth, it passes, but it hurts and burn blisters are really annoying. And unpleasant: Charred travel bags that sometimes melt together with their contents and the exhaust...

Hot? It doesn‘t have to be!

But all fun aside: Relief comes in the form of the heat guard for the exhaust of the popular BMW F 750/850 GS models, which Wunderlich offers in its range as a proven BMW motorcycle specialist. This provides simultaneous dual protection:  Thermal. And mechanical. Thermally because it reliably shield the heat radiation on the front of the rear silencer and avoids the hot exhaust making contact with the vehicle‘s weak points. This means it protects against painful burns and prevents damage to your luggage. The heat guard simultaneously offers high mechanical protection against scratches or dents for the rear silencer, which can easily occur while riding over terrain or in an unlucky fall. The structural stability of the durable construction from Wunderlich comes from the multi-point attachment and the rigidity of the precisely tilted, partially pierced, black powder-coated stainless steel. The design is sport, functional and integrates into the layout of the F 750/850 GS models, as do all components from Wunderlich. The assembly is quick and easy to do.

Then you‘re heat-free.

26920-102 - Wunderlich exhaust heat guard - black

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Wunderlich exhaust heat guard - black

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