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Pikes Peak: cancellation by Michael Dunlop

The Irish road racing legend injured in rally accident on Saturday +++ cancellation of participation in Pikes Peak

We have been informed by the management of Michael Dunlop that Michael was seriously injured in a momentous racing accident last Saturday at the Donegal International Rally. Here is the official statement of his management MD Racing:

“Michael and his navigator where involved in a high speed accident. The accident accrued midday on Saturday 22nd of June at Donegal international rally where both parties sustained a heavily impacted crash no fault of either. Which for most accrued Michael with some heavy injuries which will leave him out of action for 2 weeks. A further update of his condition will be made in the near future 
Kind regards 
MD Racing”

Frank Hoffmann, Wunderlich Managing Director and Manager of Wunderlich MOTORSPORT, in a first statement: „We, I also speak on behalf of Uwe Reinhard from ProKASRO, wish Michael the best and a quick and complete recovery. As a result of the regrettable events, we would like to inform you that Michael Dunlop‘s participation in this year‘s Pikes Peak International Hillclimb (PPIHC) is definitely out of the question. We regret this because we have had high hopes in his skills and talent! It is important now that he will be completely recovered!“

Hoffmann continues: „Now Lucy Glöckner will be holding up the flag of Wunderlich MOTORSPORT powered by ProKASRO this weekend at Pikes Peak in the „Race to the Clouds“ alone. She is excellent and professionally prepared and looking forward to the event. Last year, she has already captured the hearts of the American crowd and has been named „Rookie of the Year“.

Michael Dunlop had been registered by Wunderlich MOTORSPORT powered by ProKASRO for the PPIHC 2019 as a rider on a BMW S 1000 R in the Heavyweight-class.



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