Press Release 04|2016 - The countdown is on

Wunderlich Anfahrt 2016 on 30. April and 1. May

For the past several years we have traditionally opened the motorcycle season with our season launch - the same is true this year.

Show and action, motorcycles and modifications, information stands and discounts, tent pitches and bonfires, catering, the exciting slow-speed competition with high-quality prizes, live music and various workshops - the two-day, jam-packed, highly-compelling program entices.

This year the program includes two special exhibitions in which we will present out concept bikes and our classics.

At present our program is still in the planning stages; many further highlights are coming. We will of course present the complete program here on this site soon.

Please register

In the large festival tent there will be live music and a party spirit on Saturday evening, as well as excellent catering. We don‘t want to reveal everything, but it will be very entertaining and fun - guaranteed! If you would like to be in the great tent, please register online at:

For 25 Euros paid on-site in the evening, there will be a schedule as well as food and drink; a camping site for the night is also in the works. The delicious breakfast on Sunday morning will also be waiting for hungry night owls and is included in the price.


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