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Press Release 05|2019 Beautifully practical. Wunderlich crossbars for BMW motorcycles.

With their markedly puristic, technical appearance, the Wunderlich crossbars simply look fantastic and consistently accentuate the technical impression of the BMW cockpit. No matter whether on the R 1250 GS, R 1250 R, R 1200 R LC, F 850 GS, the R nineT or numerous other BMW models. 

They are by no means mere decorative extras. Instead, they have very useful, practical advantages too: the crossbars improve the stability of the handlebars and therefore ensure more precise handling. At the same time, annoying vibrations are significantly reduced, especially on rigorous off-road rides. This is achieved by mounting the crossbar with elastic adapter sleeves. This ensures decoupling of the crossbar and handlebar. The crossbar can therefore, if required, also be used as a solid, vibration-insulated base for all kinds of other useful accessories such as GPS, Roadbook, Tripmaster or a smartphone. This means that electronic devices, which need to be protected as much as possible from the handlebars‘ vibrations, can also be attached. 

As a result, Wunderlich‘s crossbars are exceptionally practical and beautiful at the same time!

The high-quality crossbars are made from aluminium and have a diameter of 12 millimetres. The surface is glass bead-blasted and the logo is lasered. Wunderlich supplies them on a model-specific basis, e.g. for the BMW R 1250 R or the R nineT. The BMW accessories specialists also offer crossbars suitable for universal use, however, in two lengths for numerous models of BMW motorcycle, ensuring every BMW rider can find the perfect crossbar for their needs. Depending on the model, these are silver-coloured or anodised in black. Wunderlich offers a five-year warranty on this high-quality product.

Wunderlich offers high-quality components for all current BMW motorcycles and lots of older model series. As of recently now also via a well laid out app!

25031-001 Wunderlich crossbar universal 300mm silver
25031-002 Wunderlich crossbar universal 300mm black
25031-011 Wunderlich crossbar universal 250mm silver
25031-012 Wunderlich crossbar universal 250mm black
25032-001 Wunderlich crossbar G 310 silver
25032-002 Wunderlich crossbar G 310 black
25033-001 Wunderlich crossbar R 1250 R and R 1200 R LC silver
25034-001 Wunderlich crossbar F 700/750 GS silber
25035-001 Wunderlich crossbar R 1200 GS, F 850 GS silver (+ more F 8xx-Models)
25036-001 Wunderlich crossbar R nineT silver
25037-001 Wunderlich crossbar R 1250 GS + Adv., R 1200 GS LC silver
25037-002 Wunderlich crossbar R 1250 GS + Adv., R 1200 GS LC black
25038-001 Wunderlich crossbar S 1000 XR silver


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